The Interfaces Program

Scholarships & Fellowships

Scholarships and fellowships open and applicable to Interfaces PhD students, with links for additional information and previous awardees.


American Heart Association Pre-doctoral Fellowship

For PhD students, this fellowship helps students initiate careers in cardiovascular and stroke research by providing research assistance and training.

Previous awardees: Alison Pouch, PhD and Erin Englund


Center for Neuroengineering and Therapeutics Pre-Doctoral Training Grant (T32)

Training grant for predoctoral engineering students and physician postdoctoral fellows in Neuroengineering and its clinical translation. This grant covers tuition and student stipend.

Previous awardees: Lohith Kini


Gilliam Fellowships for Advanced Study

Each fellowship will support students for up to three years of their dissertation research, typically in years three, four and five of their PhD studies.  Applicants must be in their second or third year of a PhD program in the life sciences or related sciences and have identified a thesis adviser.

Previous awardees: Dania Daye, MD, PhD


ISMRM Junior Fellows

Previous awardees: Feliks Kogan, PhD


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Annual fellowship award open to first and second year PhD students across disciplines.

Previous awardees: Eileen Hwuang, Heidi Norton


NIH F31 Kirschtein NRSA Pre-doctoral Fellowship 

Pre-doctoral fellowships for senior PhD students that provide up to 3 years of support, promote fundamental, interdisciplinary and innovative research training and career development leading to independent scientists.

Previous awardees: Francisco Contijoch, PhD and Jason Ruth, PhD


NRSA Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship (F32) awarded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Fellowship for post-doctoral researchers that provides full-time research training for up to 3 years in areas that reflect the national need for biomedical, clinical and behavioral research in cardiovascular, pulmonary, hematologic, and sleep disorders.

Previous awardees: Alison Pouch, PhD


Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship

For college seniors and early career graduate students who are first-generation Americans, each fellow receives tuition and living expenses that can total as much as $90,000 over two academic years.

Previous awardees: Dania Daye, PhD and James Hui, PhD


Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders Pre-doctoral Training Grant (T32)

Training grant for pre-doctoral researchers in musculoskeletal research. This grant covers tuition and student stipend.

Previous awardees: Megan Sperry


Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program

Whitaker International awards grants to pre- and post-doctoral researchers to conduct scientific research internationally for 1-2 years.

Previous awardees: Megan Sperry